NEW Information
Conferences 2016/8/22-25 NANO2016Sendai

2015/3/16 The offices of whole laboratory have been changed.
(New offices are 434, 437-439 on the same floor.)
We are recruiting graduate students widely.
People from other universities are also welcome.
If you are interested in nanotechnology, microsystems and their applications, why don't we inquire in tohoku university which is proud of tip equipment?
If you would like the tour or other queries, please feel free to contact Professor Ono.

Professor.Takahito Ono

+81-22-795-5806, +81-22-795-5808

(Contact)Tohoku University Division of Mechanical Engineering Ono Laboratory 6-6-01 Aramaki-Aza-Aoba, Aoba-ku Sendai 980-8579, JAPAN
Tel:022-795-5806 (Professor's Room)/022-795-5810, 5819 (Student's Room)/ Fax:022-795-5808